Our Studio

 Our studio is meant to supply the yoga community of Murray and the surrounding areas with the best teachers. We strive to create a schedule and atmosphere that allows ALL students to find something they enjoy, and something accessible to their personal practice.  

No stress, no competition, no judgment.

Just enjoy your practice. 

If you are just starting out, we have everything you need at the studio: blocks, mats, straps...everything! 


 At our studio, we believe in being yourself, learning body awareness and controlled breathing (Pranayama).

Please come and let us guide you through your new or already existing yoga practice!

We cannot wait to see you on the MAT!  



Stephany Carroll

Debi Henry Danielson

Debi Henry Danielson

Stephany is an RYT® 200 certified instructor. Her journey into yoga started because of physical pain.  Several years ago, the physical demands of daily life began to take their toll.  Sometime later, her home practice began to grow, and yoga's wellness benefits became clear. 

Soon after a move to Colorado in 2015, Stephany began her yoga training. She took any workshop, training, or class that she could find, learning many things along the way! Certifying as an instructor was a natural transition. She wanted to share the many benefits yoga brought to her life. Now she loves to teach and believes there is a yoga practice out there for everyone. Her classes are open to all fitness and yoga levels.


Debi Henry Danielson

Debi Henry Danielson

Debi Henry Danielson

Debi received her RYT® 200 certification and started teaching in 2013. Though she began her yoga journey as a teenager, it was during her time practicing yoga locally that inspired her to pursue certification as an adult. She has attended advanced workshops as well as a Yin Yoga intensive.

Debi’s teaching style is nurturing, supportive and consistent with an enthusiasm for alignment and mindfulness.  You will leave her class feeling like sunshine on a rainy day, awakened and restored.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.


Amy Meloan Swift

Debi Henry Danielson

Amy Meloan Swift

Amy is a versatile instructor with certifications in Core Power, Yoga GLOW, Sculpt and STRONG by Zumba, and CrossFit flexibility.


 As an instructor, Amy inspires you to find peace on your mat while getting a successful workout and a good sweat. Her classes will give you balance on and off the mat and teach you that your breathing is always a tool you have in any situation.  Be prepared to work hard and have fun when you participate in her classes. They will never be the same and you will always feel like you worked out! 

 A healthy body and mind is a happy body and mind.  


Hailey Moll

Hugo Organista

Amy Meloan Swift

Hailey received her RYT® 200 certification at West East Yoga St. Louis. She has been practicing yoga for 4 years, and as a dedicated student, continues to attend online webinars and classes to expand her knowledge and refine her skills. She shares the tools of yoga in hopes to expand the mindful community and relieve physical and emotional 

pain in others. 

Hailey’s classes embrace flow, alignment, and ease to cultivate calmness and joy from 

within. Expect to connect to your breath, move with awareness and embrace stillness.   Her classes are open to all fitness and yoga levels.  


Hugo Organista

Hugo Organista

Hugo Organista

Hugo is a Level 1 and Level 2 BarreAmped®, Boot Camp, and Bounce certified instructor. He is also a Spin and BeatBoss certified indoor cycling instructor. As an adult, he committed to making fitness and well-being a way of life. He became hooked on group fitness after taking barre and spin classes. He is passionate about barre and the physical benefits that people with dance and non-dance backgrounds experience. There is tremendous growth in such small, controlled movements, and he is excited to share this method with our fitness community. 

Hugo teaches Flex & Sculpt, which is based on the principles of the barre exercise method, In his classes, you will target specific muscle groups to lengthen, strengthen and stretch them within a small range of motion for a full body workout.  His classes are open to all fitness levels


Gayle Rogers

Hugo Organista

Hugo Organista

 Gayle is an RYT® 200 certified instructor who also holders her YACEP and YogaFit for Athletes certification.  Her teaching style is a blend of traditional Hatha Yoga mixed with YogaFit energy and Vinyasa flow.

Gayle brings 22 years of experience to her passion for yoga and teaches a wide variety of students. She volunteers as a yoga instructor with the men's and women's basketball program and football program at Murray State University.

In addition to her multiple certifications and training in the discipline of yoga, she holds a BS Degree in Health and Exercise from Murray State University and a Masters Degree in Human Development and Leadership from Murray State University.

 Her classes are open to all fitness and yoga levels. 


Beth Podrovitz

Beth became owner of the b U Yoga Studio in November 2019 and is thrilled to support Murray's yoga community. She is a health, wellness, and fitness enthusiast. Her goal is to encourage everyone to be confident in who they are, to be empowered by their inner strength, and to take ownership of their health and wellness.

Beth became a certified Jazzercise® instructor in 2014 and owns Jazzercise Murray, which shares the Studio space with b U Yoga. She enjoys teaching kickboxing, HIIT and strength training within the Jazzercise®  program.

She is a Murray High graduate, holds a B.A. in French from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and an M.A. in translation from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. When she's not at the Studio, Beth does contract work for language service companies.

To learn more about Jazzercise Murray, click here.